The Next Rumored Apple Device That Could Revolutionize Tech

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We saw an attempt by many different tech companies to introduce such an ambitious product as this. But now, we could see the one that finally manages to do what the others couldn’t. Actually work. And if there is anything we should remember about Apple is that they don’t do anything halfway; The patents that have been filed already prove that they have some exciting ideas and show the most possibility of a true working product.

The rumored product? Apple Glasses. This product is rumored to come out anywhere from 2022 to 2023, and the possibilities that the device has for the tech industry as a whole are infinite.

The implementation of augmented reality technology into wearable tech for everyday use.

These glasses would use an array of cameras and LiDAR sensors to be able to understand the world around you and display information and graphics such as directions, text messages, the weather, into your perception. Companies like Google have attempted this before, with Google’s failed product, Google Glass in 2013. But now, there is a chance that we can finally get to experience this tech in a large scale, with Apple’s possible product.

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The tech is expected to use a form of projection onto the lenses of the glasses from inside the frames, and one report even makes the claim that based on one of the patents Apple filed, prescription glasses wearers would not need prescription lenses for their product because the tech would automatically adjust using “optical subassembly.”

Along with the glasses are rumored smart rings that, when paired with the glasses, would be able to track your hand movements to provide control throughout the interface of the device.

There have been mixed reports on pricing, but many Apple insiders believe that the device would be around the $500 range. While that is a lot, that would make the product very affordable compared to other rumored devices.

Speaking of rumored devices, there are many other companies that are close to glasses of their own. Facebook and Ray-Ban just announced a collaboration to produce their own line of smart glasses, however these do not have augmented reality capability like many believed. Instead, the device has cameras on the front and bone conduction speakers on the sides, similar to that of Amazon’s Echo Glasses, which have Alexa capability built into the wearable tech. Snapchat also has another rumored line of their Spectacles, this one likely introducing AR to the glasses. Lenovo also have a possible product of their own, the ThinkReality A3.

There are currently no products on mass-production with the true augmented reality capability that many hoped we would see by now. But with all of these rumored potential devices by many different companies, the likelihood of wearable glasses technology being forced into the mainstream and mass-produced is not far away.

It is an exciting and revolutionary time yet again in the future of technology. There are rumors that Apple could even unveil the smart glasses at either their annual fall event this year or the spring event early 2022. Still, more reports are pointing towards a late 2022 to 2023 release. Regardless, if any company has the highest chance of actually achieving augmented reality tech in glasses, it is Apple.

Think about how revolutionary the product could be to the entire tech industry. It would introduce an entirely new way of how we interact with our devices every day, and it could be Apple’s next big thing.

Would you buy Apple’s smart glasses at the rumored price of $500? I can safely say that I will probably be buying them the day they are announced.

If you made it to the end of this article I just want to say thank you! I have taken a long hiatus from writing here on Medium but I think that I am finally back and here to stay! So if you enjoyed it please feel free to check out any of my other stories, I write about all sorts of topics including games, music, true-crime, and politics!



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